Should You Get Payday Loans of 400 Dollars or More?


If you need quick cash, what is the most common solution that comes to your mind? You may probably be thinking of those payday loans that are currently available on the Internet. There are so many companies offering those kinds of financial products. There is an inherent danger to that form of lending. You should be aware of the risks that you are taking should you decide to use them.

The Good Sides of Borrowing from Legit Lenders

  • You can get the money that you need through this means really fast. You get the money the same day you file an application. There’s more than that however. Some companies are offering to handle your loan within an hour.
  • There is no need to worry about the status of your credit score. No matter how bad your credit standing is you can still get to borrow money in this way.
  • There are documents needed to be faxed.
  • There are no checks that need to be issued in order to cover for the whole loan.
  • You can complete the whole application on the internet, which makes it very convenient for you.

These are the qualities that make quick personal loans attractive to a lot of people. Looking at it, it is easy to see why people tend to forget all about the risks that they might be facing.

Cons of Borrowing from Online Lenders

Interest rates that you can get with payday loans of 400 dollars or more are quite high which means 300%-700% annually. The loan normally matures in two weeks only. Depending on the day that the borrower gets paid it means that you have to come up with the amount really soon after taking out the principal. The failure to make payment on the agreed date will mean additional fees and charges.


A borrower is then left with two alternatives. You could let the amount increase until you could pay it all back or borrow again to cover the first payday loan. This seems like a good idea since there is no limit to how many times that a person can take out payday loans.

In fact, that is exactly what legit lenders are hoping to see happening. They want people to be their regular clients of payday loans. They don’t want them to be financially free and want them to be in constant need for quick cash that they would be forced to keep on borrowing.

That is something that you should realize before you use this kind of financial product. This is not a ticket for all of your financial issues but it could make you sink deeper instead.